sustainable beekeeping for happy bees

the beehive for sustainable beekeeping

sustainable beekeeping with the innovative beeonic hive means:


healthier climate in the beehive

In the beeonic beehive, the bees have to worry less about the right climate in the hive.

more stable growth

Due to the improved hive climate, the bee colony develops more stably and survives extreme weather conditions better.


fewer diseases

There is no more mold in the beeonic beehive. In addition, the load of viruses and varroa is reduced. More info will follow soon.

simple handling

Despite significantly improved insulation, the beeonic hive has a comparable weight to conventional wooden hives.


better honey

The reduced humidity in the beeonic hive supports the drying of the honey.

structure of the beeonic beehive

Sustainable beekeeping with all these advantages is made possible by the three-layer structure consisting of the insulating and breathable core made of natural fiber and the breathable covers inside and outside.

structure of the beeonic beehive


The slotted side walls made of Weymouth pine perfectly support the breathable insulation.


The natural fiber reduces temperature fluctuations and regulates moisture. Inside the beehive is lined by a breathable and replaceable layer.

Highlights of the beeonic beehive

The most natural form of insulation

The internal sheep wool insulation provides 4.5x higher insulation value than conventional wooden frames. This corresponds to a wooden plank almost 10cm thick.

Schafwolle als Dämmung


für einen 4,5x höheren Dämmwert

perfect moisture control

The slotted Weymouth pine side walls support the moisture-regulating function of the sheep’s wool. As a result, we achieve 14.5x higher breathability than conventional wooden frames.

Schafwolle als Dämmung

verbesserte Atmungsaktivität

für eine 14,5x höhere Atmungsaktivität

protection from rain

The slanted slots prevent water from penetrating even in heavy rain.

Schafwolle als Dämmung

Optimaler Schutz

Schutz vor Regenwasser

optimized handling

Despite increased external dimensions, the box is feather-lightdue to its unique design. The beveled recessed grips provide improved ergonomics while preventing waterlogging.

Schafwolle als Dämmung

minimales Gewicht

besser isoliert, aber nicht schwerer

Durability for sustainability

The well-tried box joint at the corners provides perfect hold for decades, even in outdoor use. This means not only a lot, but also a long time fun. In this way, we reduce the use of resources in the long term and also protect our environment.

Schafwolle als Dämmung

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