sustainable beekeeping for happy bees

Our vision

We want to accomplish optimal conditions for sustainable beekeeping and for the well-being of the bees.

Sustainability as a corporate philosophy

In order to implement our vision, great importance is placed on sustainability. We source our raw materials such as wood or the natural fiber insulation as regionally as possible. Also our hives are produced in the region.

We also do our best to avoid waste and handle our raw materials carefully. Currently, every buyer of a bee hive receives a paper bag full of shavings from the Weymouth pine, which are a by-product of the production process and can be used by every beekeeper for the smoker.

Our server applications exclusively run on servers located in Germany that are powered 100% by renewable energy.

We are also gradually expanding our sustainability concept, which includes more use of recycled and recyclable raw materials. ♻️

You can read about further steps towards more sustainability in our blog soon.

The team behind the vision

Rainer Hackenbuchner

Rainer Hackenbuchner

Business Executive

With his idea to protect bees from the varroa mite without chemical treatments, he laid the foundation for beeonic. Rainer's home is the workshop, where CAD designs and prototypes are created and manufacturing is advanced.

Stephan Jäger

Stephan Jäger

Business Executive

was enthusiastic about Rainer's idea and wanted to use his skills to promote sustainable beekeeping. Stephan is more concerned with everything that can be done on the computer. This goes from setting up a monitoring system to marketing.

Progress through development

In order to make beekeeping sustainable and to offer beekeepers the best possible products, we are constantly developing ourselves, our products and our sustainability concept.

We are always interested in new solutions and try to combine well-tried beekeeping knowledge with new technologies and production possibilities.